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We help demanding business owners like you wanting to increase their profit. It is made possible by discovering a process to boost employee's confidence, performance and focus. This will strive to build the business of your dream.


 Welcome to WellbeingPLUS

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How to increase business PERFORMANCE!
WellbeingPLUS is a system developed by our company, which aims to Corporate Wellbeing. It prevents and / or treats work related stress (physical and emotional),
improves workstation posture and ergonomics, flexibility and endurance, and enhances the performance of employees.

So, employers can build the work environment of their dreams e build a successful business. Don't just take our word for it. Have your employees' feeling great through their first treatment complementary of an extra 30 minutes. Help them restore their motion and eliminate their concerns. Give your employees 90 minutes at the cost of 60 minutes treatment. they will thank you and be looking forward to go back to work every day.


 Love your employees with WellbeingPLUS


My employees take many seek leaves!

They are probably stressed. We can help you to relieve their stress and to reduce the number of absences.

I have many injuries!

Bad posture and poor office ergonomics are probably causing these injuries. We can help you to address your concern.


I would like to increase business performance!
Happy employees produce more and are more efficient. We can help you to prove that and to increase your employees motivation. Also, your profit will increase.

WellbeingPLUS is:


Soft tissue injury prevention through workstation ergonomics and sitting postural assessment and correction.

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Exercises and fitness at work though personal training to strength those weak muscles which may be cause of injury. (e.g. Core muscles which support the lower back)

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Prevention or treatment of dysfunctions both physical and emotional. (e.g. Pain, Stress, Depression, Anxiety)

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Using robotic massage chairs to complete the whole therapeutic wellbeing program.

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Creating and maintaining a comfortable working atmosphere. (e.g. Music, Plants, Scents)

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